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    Glass Prices

    LeMieux Glass::  Please call us, we would love to discuss your needs and give you a more accurate price. All Prices on this page are approximate, typically lower, but subject to change. All Prices include a beautiful Polished Edge and Tempering for safety when needed.  Beveling any glass is $1 an inch. Special Fabrication Needs Are Extra.  Please fill out a Free Price Quote Form for more information.

    LeMieux Glass, Since 1961

    My Father opened LeMieux Glass in 1961. I started cutting glass at age 13. Our goal at LeMieux Glass is easily based on 3 things;    1) Precision Quality…   2) Low Prices…   3) Speedy Fast Service… PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO SEE BASIC GLASS PRICES.

    New Mirrors or Mirror Removal

    New or Replacement Mirrors Starting at $19sf. Bronze or Gray Mirror Starting at $29sf. ©Speedy Fast Mirror Removal @ $5sf . 

    Antique Mirror

    Dozens of 1/4 Inch Antique Mirror Designs to choose from, most start at $45 a square foot. Maximum sizes approximately 48 x 94. Polished and Beveled Edges also available…

    Mirror Framing

    Mirror Frames are precisely cut and installed, basically starting at $3 per inch. There are many styles to choose from, and prices vary depending on frame style.

    Decorative Glass

    Dozens of 1/8 or 5/16 inch Decorative Glass Styles to choose from, typically for Cabinet Doors, and starting at $20 a square foot.

    Glass Table Tops or Showers

    Glass Table Tops; 1/4 inch thick glass, $19 a square foot:: 3/8 inch thick glass, $33 a square foot;; 1/2 inch thick for $45 a square foot or 3/4 inch thick for $59 a square foot. Rounded corners start at $35 each minimum. GLASS SHOWER ENCLOSURES Starting at $39sf.

    Low-Iron Table Tops or Showers

    Please take notice of the picture comparing Low Iron to Regular Glass.  1/4 inch Low Iron Glass starts at $33 a square foot, and our 3/8 Low Iron Glass starts at $49 a square foot, and the 1/2 inch Low Iron starts at $65 a square foot. In some special cases 3/4 inch Low Iron is required, starting at $79 a square foot.


    Bronze or Gray Glass

    Gray Glass is Black Tinted, like a car window.  Bronze Glass is Brown Tinted. Glass Table Tops using Gray or Bronze start at $29 a square foot for 1/4 inch thick glass, 3/8 inch thickness starts at $39 a square foot, 1/2 inch thick starts at $59.  TINTED GLASS SHOWER ENCLOSURES Start at $49 a square foot.

    Rain Glass

    3/8 Rain for Showers or Partition Walls Starting at $49 a square foot for Full Installation and Hardware.

    Satin Etch Glass

    Satin Etch, 1/4 inch thick Glass Table Tops Starting at $29 a square foot.

    And 3/8 inch Satin Etch for Showers or Partition Walls Starting at $49 a square foot for Full Installation and Hardware.

    BackPainted BackSplash

    All Glass Colors, matching Sherwin William’s Colors, are duplicated using our Acrylic Compounds and baked into the Glass for a 99% accurate color match. This Special Glass Starts at  $69 a square foot. Standard Outlets are cut into the glass and we make a Glass Cover-Plate for the outlet with the exact same color as the BackSplash. An Outlet Cutout and matching Cover-Plate is $129. (3/8 Backpainted starts at $79sf)

    Window Repair

    Your first window replacement, any basic size window, is $160 to get you on the schedule within 2 days. Each Additional Window is $80 for any basic size. IF YOU NEED IMMEDIATE SERVICE TODAY, PLEASE ADD $80. EMERGENCY SERVICE AFTER HOURS, PLEASE ADD $300

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