Dec 05, 2015

Mirror Mirror On the Wall, What´s The Latest Trend of Them All?

A little mirror decor idea can go a long way! Here are some mirror design inspirations to add some sparkle and personality into your setting!

Depending on where you place them, mirrors are a great way to reflect light, add a unique decorative appeal, and really liven up the place. Revamp your home, office or gym with these fantastic and creative mirror décor trends!

01. Frameless Shower Glass Enclosure

Feel like adding a bold touch to the room? If you have too much furniture in a single room, a large and strategically placed mirror can do wonders in providing an illusion of a larger, more spacious room. You could place a piece of furniture right in front of it. Designing a mirror of the same width as the furniture – let’s say a table, for instance – will make the entire setting look more purposeful and dramatic, rather than cramped. Feel free to add frames. It makes your reflective décor piece more appealing and sophisticated.

Trend # 2: The Bigger & Bolder Look: Mirror Walls

If you want your mirror décor to be the most essential design element in the room, one great way to go about this would be with mirror walls. While this option is most popularly seen incorporated by gymnasiums and dance studios, you’d be surprised to see the number of homes that are now using full length mirror walls – the whole shebang – for the a dramatic and sophisticated look. Again, not only does it make your room appear larger, but the reflection of light within the setting will minimize your need for additional lighting.

Trend # 3: Turn The Wall Mirror Into A Piece of Art

You can never quite have enough mirrors. And if arranged appropriately, you can transform that simple element into an exclusive and intriguing piece of art. When grouping multiple mirrors together, you want to make sure to play around with some colors to really give the look an edge and diversity. Next, group them in a visually appealing way that captures attention.

Trend # 4: Light ‘Em Up With Mirrors

Dining or living rooms are a great place for mirrors. This is where the rest of family – and your guests – usually mingle. If the room lacks natural light, mirrors can be used beautifully to create a reflective impact. Add some warm glow lights on the wall above, or surrounding the mirror for a private, cozier and a more relaxing atmosphere.

Trend # 5: Back-Lit Mirrors

Add an essence of style to the functionality and boring look of your bathroom with soft glow back lit mirrors. Regardless of the room size, backlit bathroom wall mirrors adds radiance, furthermore creating an illusion of space.

Decorative mirrors come in all shapes and sizes – available for a variety of settings. Looking for more in mirror trends and inspirations?
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