Dec 04, 2015

Stunning Shower Enclosures For Creating Your Dream Bathroom

Stepping into the bathroom, the very first thing you lay your eyes upon is your shower. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that home owners spend so much time and effort browsing through pages of subscribed magazines and exploring the internet, in search for that perfect bathroom that not only matches your personal style, but also accentuates your bathroom setting.

Looking to add a touch of elegance, sophistication and style? Here are some stunning shower enclosure options that can transform your bathroom!

01. Frameless Shower Glass Enclosure

One of the most attractive features of frameless shower glass today is its flexibility and ability to complement just about any style. You need not worry about whether the frames would fit in with the overall look and feel or whether it would contradict your style. It adds a clean, sleek and appealing look that is an epitome of class.

This type of glass is relatively much easier to clean – especially if you ask your designers to install a glass with a finish baked that keeps the soap and water stains off it. This greatly minimizes your maintenance, and allows you to enjoy the aesthetic appeal.

02. Artistic Textured Shower Enclosure

If you’re looking for some privacy, consider choosing glass with textured design. The art on the glass is designed in a way to provide only a slight see-through look, while at the same time offering you enough privacy. So you get to enjoy your own personal space, with the aesthetics!

Furthermore, to get that frosted look, you may also choose tempered glass – especially if you have kids. The glass’ thickness ensures its durability, guaranteeing its unfailing strength of the shower door, in case it bumps against your vanity or toilet.

03. Semi Frameless Showers

Looking for a practical way of keeping the water in? Just because you have to opt for conventional frames for your showers, doesn’t mean you should settle for less. Instead of the full-framed solution, opt for a semi frameless, chrome finish shower that is both functional and modern.

04. Tub Enclosure

Looking to enjoy your moments of solitude in your bath tub? Who says you have to be stuck with a shower curtain? A tempered, ⅜-inch glass will give the best of both: the luxury of a soothing bath with all the privacy you need, and a way for you to keep the water within the tub.

05. Artistic Splash Panels

Eliminate the need for a shower door with these aesthetically capturing and stunning panel design options. These glass splash panels are extremely versatile, offering you unlimited options for the design, color and thickness!

Need something that’s a bit more dramatic, stylish and unique? You need to call in the experts to ensure that you get the shower enclosure and bathroom design that you’ve always dreamed of. And lucky for you, the solution is just a phone call away!

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